Burmese Army combine with militiamen threaten villagers

Burmese IB 66 of Nar Gon Mu Mong Ton, IB 247 of Namhsan, LIB 359 of Tachilek, LIB 516 of Namhsan, LIB 525 of Langhko combined with 2 groups of militiamen set an artillery on the top of a mountain in Namhsan, they also threatened villagers as if Shan Army pass near their setting they will fire into the village.

On 27 Nov 2017, Burmese army combined with militiamen altogether force 80 set an artillery 80-MM and 120-MM on the mountaintop of that near Ho Yair village and in Ho Yair village.

On the same day, 38 soldiers with militiamen led by Major Min Aung travel around in the forest of Loilem Township and broke the Human rights.

A villager named Loun Oun (49 years old) who lived in Gon Yair village and Loun Lu (67 years old) who lived in Parn Lume village were questioned by Burmese army about Shan Army activities, then Loun Oun replied them, that there were over two hundred of Shan soldiers passed into their village in the midnight.  

 A villager named Loun Kunt Phay (39 years old) lose 2 bags of rice, eggs, 2 bottles of oil, a bucket of watercress, onion, and garlic.And villagers from Parn Lume and Loun Doug village had sent the troops of Burmese army to Ho Yair village by 3 motorcars without getting any for the cost of diesel.

While the 38 soldiers climbed on to the mountaintop Gon Yair but if they meet with Shan soldiers, Burmese army threatened villagers, as they will use the heavy weapons fire into the villages that were a hundred of people lived in the village.


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