TNLA captures villagers and ask a lot of money for redeem

TNLA's soldier from 717 Battalion Commander who lived under the control Brigade commander-2 entered in Nar York village and captured 9 villagers and their parents had redeemed them with 600,000 kyats of money by one.

On 25 October night, Ta Gon Hla led 25 soldiers went into Nar York village Nawngkhio Township and sought in the house took properties of villagers and captured 9 villagers with them too.

Name list of villagers that were captured by TNLA are as follows;

1) Sai Aung Nyunt 40 years old man

2) Sai Aik Oun 40 years old man

3)Sai Aik Gor 25 years old man

4) Loun Kyar 60 years old man

5) Loun Kham Phant 57 years old man

6) Loun Myan 45 years old man

7) Sai Kyaw Won 20 years old boy

8) Nang Shwe Hla 16 years old girl and

9) Sai Aik Ngar, all of them lived in Nar Yoak village.

On 26 Oct, Sai Aung Nyunt's parent had redeemed him with 20 hundred thousand, Sai Aik Gor 16 hundred thousand and Sai Aik Ngar 6 hundred thousand and they were released by TNLA on that day. But the other 6 men were captured till now because of their family have no money and can't redeem them.

And last 6 Oct, 2 villagers of Von Kort village Nam Kham Township were captured by TNLA and their family had redeemed both of them with 11 hundred thousand too.


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