Soldiers of TNLA rape a headmaster of the primary school

Soldiers of TNLA called a headmaster of the government primary school out from her house and rape, at Vonkourt village in Kyaukmae Township then also took 2 mobile phone from her house. 

On 25 Oct, there were 2 soldiers of TNLA grab guns in their hand entered into a headmaster house (44 years old women) and took her away from the house and rape after that they sent her back to the house and sought in the whole house and took mobiles from the house with them and they left the village at 3:00 am.

In these case, an officer from TNLA admitted that was their soldiers really and both of them are in the jail of TNLA and still investigating by the judiciary of TNLA.

The affair of a headmaster has opened a case and reported at Kyaukmae Police Station. Now she is at the education office in Kyaukmae. And other 14 teachers also afraid and all of them move to stay in Kyaukmae Township. So the school has closed for a while too. 

For the education of Vonkourt village, the educator will meet with the headmen of the village and discuss the security of the teachers and a school will open soon.



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