Villagers have run into Hsenwi Township

On 19 July 2017, a lot of TNLA troops entered into the villages such as Gon Mong, Kham Dain, Ho Nar, Noung Hai, Gon Larng and Noung Gar that far 1mile from Hsenwe Township in Northern Shan State.

They have beaten the villagers and demanded the money from villagers too. Many of locals felt afraid and have run to the town and live in the Kyaungseng temple. 

TNLA called the villagers who were transplanted paddy in their farm went into Gong Larng village. Some of the villagers have run away because of afraid the troops of TNLA fired their gun and frighten villagers. 

TNLA has released the villagers when arrived in the village and then they found U Thi Ha who was a Burmese nation also a fireman. TNLA found a walkie-talkie and a pair of handcuff from U Thi Ha so they accused him was the detective and hit him violently.

U Thi Ha replied to TNLA he was not a detective he just a fireman and there is a lot of drug eaters in that local so he has to use it. TNLA demanded 3millions from a wife of U Thi Ha. His wife requested money from the monastery and got 2 million and 5 hundred thousand and gave it to TNLA by apologising for about 5 hundred thousand of money then they released U Thi Ha.


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