TNLA’s troop bully and hit villagers

Troops of TNLA went to Parn Zan village Nar Zai bloc Namtu township Northern Shan State then captured and hit intensively of 2villagers.

On 23 June 2017 night at 20:00 pm 2villagers named Loun Sai Lerk (Shan nation) and Mai Aik Norg (Ta’ang nation) who lived in Hard Leng village Zai Koa block Namtu township were captured by TNLA while both of them in their farms near Parn Zan village.

TNLA accused 2 villagers light fire the whole night and captured and took them to the house of Parn Zan village’s headman and hit both of them and released them on 24 June morning.

Loun Sai Lark was chopped on his hand and his thigh by TNLA troops. They also used a flashlight slave on the face of Loun Sai Lerk and used the woods hit Mai Aik Norg and captured them for one night.

On 26 June, TYO/Tai Youths Organization heard about it and went to visit Loun Sai Lert and gave him 10000kyats for the medical fees.



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