TNLA arrest a villager for money

TNLA kidnapped an innocence villager called Sai Aik Punt to exchange money from his parent, from who lived in Par Khur village Doa Zan block in Kyaukmae Township, northern Shan State.


A local said, “On 11 June 2017, Sai Aik Punt went to visit Doa Zan village and was captured by TNLA accusing that he has been using drugs. They then told the parents to pick their son with 150,000 kyats.”

Parent of Sai Aik Punt had redeemed their son on 12 June 2017 by apologizing to TNLA and just gave money about 100,000 kyats because of they were not rich. Sai Aik Punt had released by TNLA but his motorbike was kept.



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