Affiliates of SSPP and villager are killed

3 persons of Gong Hon villagers, Namtu Township, that included 2 affiliates of SSPP/Shan State Army were killed and buried 2 persons together, and the other one was buried separately in the ground.

On 1st August 2016, 3 villagers (Loun Bor Kham a 56 years old man, Sai Ai Parn a 31 years old man and Sai Ai Htwe a 24 years old man) went into the forest and searched for mushrooms and disappeared. On 4th August the headman of the village combined with villagers and carried all documents, went and reported it to the officers of SSPP who were based in Namtu Township.

On 6th August 2016, 8 persons of Gong Hon villagers, 2 persons of Von Zarm villagers, 3 persons of Sarm Khur villagers, with 2 officers of SSPP, went and looked for 3 the villagers in the forest of Gong Hon village, between Von Mai village and Sarm Khur village, and then they got a bad smell and dug the ground and found the dead bodies. Until now no one knew who killed them.



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