Villagers bullied by troops

Villagers in Noung Madar village, Nam Kham Township, Northern Shan State were bullied by the troops of government army light infantry battalion 88 who were based at Noung Madar camp. 

On 8 January 2016, troops from LIB 88 ordered 2 villagers to carry their load with their own motors to Noung Madar camp in a hurry. But villagers didn’t get money from the troops and they also had to use their own petrol to carry the loads and had not had lunch on that day. 

A local said these LIB 88 government troops always ordered our villagers to carry their load every time when there was troops transfer in the camp. 

Noung Madar was the old camp of RCSS/SSA (701) and after the battle between RCSS/SSA and government army last 8 May 2013, government army LIB 88 have settled down at that camp until today. 





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