Government troops use artillery and fire into villages and headquarters of SSPP

One villager got wounded, and many properties of villagers were destroyed, due to government army shooting the headquarters of SSPP/SSA (Shan State Progressive Party / Shan State Army) and the villages near the headquarters with heavy weapons last 28 October 2015.

One local said, “while villagers were celebrating full moon day Buddha festival in the mid-night of 28 October, government troops fired on the headquarters of SSPP/SSA and our villages with artillery more than 10 times”.

The local continued, “the government army would have been disappointed because they have to retreat from Gon Moun Murng camp, so they applied the heavy weapons and shooting.”

Troops from LIB 150 of government army stayed at Guin Mork Khoa camp and used 120 mm to shoot into Noung Hai village one time and 4 times into Parn long village, where a 50-year-old grandfather (Loun Eain Dar Pe) got wounded, and 8 times to the headquarters of SSPP/SSA. While villagers were enjoying traditional musical event at the monastery, the government troops shot through between the national school and a high school, and 2 houses of villagers were ruined by the bullet shrapnel.

The 2 houses were a house of Sai Sur + Nang Kain and a house of Sai Zom + Nang Mya Than. A car, kitchen and bathroom of Sai Sur + Nang Kain were destroyed by the shrapnel. A motorbike of Sai Zom + Nang Mya Than were destroyed too and their horse also got shrapnel and died and a girl name Nan Eain got injuries at her fore-head. Over 200 students and more villagers were fleeing from their home and looking for a safe place now.

The officers of SSPP/SSA also ordered the villagers to leave their homes and search for shelters for themselves.






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