Government troops forcibly extort money from villagers

Captain Kyaw Khain led 12 troops from LIB 425 based in Won Yain village encampment, Si Seing Township, and went to Won Doa village and called for the headmen and villagers from 7 villages to come and meet with him and his followers at Won Doa village last 27 September 2015, from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm.

The headman and one villager from each ot the following villages,
(1) Hai Noit village
(2) Zhie Ho village
(3) Lonn Mol village
(4) Nam Mor Zort village
(5) Nam Mor Khat village
(6) Barn Hai village and
(7) Won Doa villages, had come and met with them at
Won Doa village.

In the meeting, Captain Kyaw Khain requested 300,000 kyates (232.902$) of money and gold (1,200,000 kyats (931.608$) in the amount of money) from the attendant villagers and Yesterday was the last day for villagers had been give the money.

Each of the 7 villages paid 300,000 kyats, and Kham Nam York village in Loi Lem Township also had paid 1200,000 kyats. In total 3,300,000 kyats (2561.92$) were the amount of money that villagers gave to the government troops at the monastery of Won Yain village in Si Seing Township.


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