Troops who flee from the army grab properties of people

3 troops of government (Aung Phyo Thu, Myo Myin Kyaw and Myo Myine Tun) from LIB 246 that based in Kunhing Township, ran away from their army last 23 September 2015 and stole common people’s properties.

On 24 September 2015, 3 troops arrived in the farms of the old Noung Hee village and ordered villagers to get out from their hut, with their gun aimed on the head of villagers, and took money of Sai Pe, Sai Zaw and Loun Nyar, and their belongings too. 

After that, 3 troops wore civilian clothes which they got from villagers and bought some food from Long Nyar and asked his wife if they could get some drugs. But his wife replied they didn’t sell drugs, and the troops asked the way to Mong Pan Township and left Loun Nyar home. 

While a mass of people were in a group at Loun Zarn Dar home, 3 troops with weapons in hand went into the home and took 2 motor-bikes and 4 mobile-phones in the house, without permission from the house owner in the evening. One motor bike was Loun Gor Li Ya + Pa Shwe Eain’s and the other one was Sai Han Zin’s and 4 mobile phone was Loun Zarn Dar + Pa Ni’s on 25 September at Noung Hee village in Mong Pan Township.    





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