Government troops bully old man and extort money

Government troops stole chicken and also used a knife and aimed at the breast of an old man, threatening him and causing injuries on his four fingers.

Last 30.July.2015 in the night at about 23:00 pm over 20 government troops from LIB 66 and 59 who were active in Zelan Township (Northern Shan State) went to Nammao islet and entered the old man paddy field. The troops bullied and extorted money from the old man with a knife aimed at his breast and took other materials too, and while the old man avoided the knife, he got injuries on his four fingers because he was afraid and unfortunately held knife that the troops aimed at his breast.

The old man was 62 years old, his name was Loun Yord Kham Yi Zit and he lived in area 19, Wan Zae village in Muse Township. Loun Yord Kham Yi Zit said that “troops came and stole my chicken, when I heard the voice I woke up to look and the troops aimed at me with their weapons at once and then requested money and also other materials from me.”

The old man continued, “One week ago these troops went to my paddy field and requested chicken, I replied to them it’s not mine, that chicken belonged to my grandchild, then the troops went out from my paddy field.”

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