Being accused and arrested by Burmese soldiers

Three men of young age were arrested by Burmese soldiers LIB-249 based in Kaengtung on June 4, while fishing at the north of Wan Naung Taung Norr, who claimed that the men were soldiers of SSA (Shan State Army).

Those Shan men had been imprisoned at their place (military camp) for one night, then released in the morning of June 5, but their fishing rods and personal stuffs were all taken.

Though these three men have any relationship with SSA, they were not even former soldiers, said the witness of the same village to the correspondent.

They are: 1. Sai Hsai Kham age 21, son of Lung Aung and Pa Kheing, a native of Pongtun village Wan Zatt area-Larngkhur Township, had lost his smart phone and 170,000 kyats of money.

2. Sai Murng age 22, son of Lung Pan Ta and Pa Jing, a native from the same village, had lost his knife and 15,000 kyats.

3. Sai Zaw age 34, son of Lung Hla Ni and Pa Myit, from Wan Gong Sar village, also the same area, Larngkhur Township, too.

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