A sixteen years old boy shot nearly dead by brigade-88

Burmese soldiers from battalion-83, which is under the command of brigade-88, had shot a sixteen years old Shan boy fiercely on the night of May 12, at 20:10 pm.

He has been shot on the way to his home at Noung Long village, after visiting his girlfriend’s house.

About 10 troops did not even stop him for investigation, only just spotted the flash light on his back and chased him while riding the motorcycle and fired the bullets at the same time.

That boy’s name is Sai Leng Pang, age 16, son of Sai Ong Muang + Nang Shwe Yen. But his father had passed away and his mother has been away since his age was four, and he has been living with his great uncle and aunt.

He has got shots in his head, both sides of shoulders, leg and under knee respectively.

And he said at that time he was feeling confused and frightened to think clearly, except rushing up to home as fast as he could. His stamina has made him alive, and if it hasn't he could die right where they shot him.

His relatives took him to the clinic in their village, but they could not perform the operation and had to move him to Muse hospital at that night at 23:45 pm.

Sai Leng Pang is now merely surviving from the five bullets after surgery, and the X ray test has done on him.


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