Fake fighting damages Senwi’s locals


Two locals have been hurt and four trucks also have been damgaed during an hour of directionless shooting. They started from 19:30 pm at Wan Tang Khan village, Gon Guak area, Senwi Township on February 25.

An unnamed villager of Wan Tang Khan village said, “First, the Burmese soldiers shot Wan Hae village where two cars were crumbled, one of them was Mark II brand. The drivers are Chinese and got shot in the head and leg respectively.” to Tai Freedom.

Without targeting their enemy but the houses of the villagers, soldiers destroyed 5 of them including 2 bomb hit trucks. The firing had threatened and crowded around the village, but no one had been hurt that night, added the local.

The Tang Khan villagers also said they were going to complain about the firing at SNLD to act on it.

The same incidents also happened at Wan Murng Pon village, Murng Pon area committed by Burmese soldiers at 15:00 pm. The army had not questioned too much and beaten the locals like they had done before, and they didn’t even turn the truck light on at the night of their gunfire to the villages so that the numbers of their soldiers were not known.

There were also the clash between Burmese Government Army and Ethnic Armed Group on February 22 at Wein Pang Nar Town. It is the town situated between Kun Long and Senwi Townships. The ethnic armed group which had fought with Burmese Army was not known exactly, but some said it was SSA-N.





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