Officers of government army kill two villagers

Officers of government army from LIB 573 base in Murngyourng Township (Southern Shan State) killed two villagers.

Last 5 December 2014 in the evening at 18:00pm, troops of government army captured and killed Sai Moun (35years old man) by cutting his throat in the field. Sai Moun was the son of old-officer Loung Zoam Kham who was the old headman of Wan village, Murngyourng Township, who had run away from the village last year 2011 and no one knows where he is until now.

And last 12 December 2014 in the night at 23:00pm, 13 troops led by Lieutenant colonel Khin Maung Than and Captain Ye Tun Aung with full weapons went from LIB 573 to Loung Nann Oun home’s and shot his son (Sai Dib, 32years old) dead on the spot in their home, who lived in Tint village, Murngyourng Township.





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