Militiamen of PNO/PNA shoot two civilians with no reason


Militiamen of PNO/PNA (Pa-oh National Liberation Army) reached for RCSS/SSA (South-Shan State Army) in the woodland and met with two civil and they had shot them on 25 September 2014 in the evening at 5:00pm. Militiamen of PNO/PNA was led by Major Kyawshwe with 30 followers.

Two civilians, one was Saisarnphay (26years old) and the other was Saisarnphu (20years old). Saisarnphay was shoot by PNO/PNA at his eyes and his belly and the injury was serious, but the injuries of Saisarnphu was lighter than Saisarnphay. The civil sent two injuried to Murngpon township hospital but they could not care for them immediately and had to sand to Loilyim township hospital on 26 September 2014, said the locals.

The new government had given Pa-oh an autonomous region in the township of Panlong, SiSeing and Hopon in Southern Shan State. Troops of PNA became active in Murngpon township woodland that was the woodland of RCSS/SSA. The battle had happened between RCSS/SSA and PNO/PNA due to the land last months. 

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