Govt.troops bully villagers and orders bamboo from them


Battalion 554 of the government troops, who have positioned at Murngbuloung block, Murng Pain Township (Murng Pain is in East Shan State) extorted bamboo from villagers to built their army camp.

On 14/9/2014, troops from battalion 554 went to Murngbuloung block and ordered bamboo and the name lists of the villages that had paid bamboo are as following –

1.      12  bamboos from Mai village

2.      60 bamboos from PainSarin village

3.      65 bamboos from Kunkort village

4.      30 bamboos from Kainhain village

5.      20 bamboos from Vainkoin village

6.      20 bamboos from Loarmkaii village

7.      20 bamboos from Zomdoung village

8.      20 bamboos from Vainhom village

9.      10 bamboos from Vainzarn village

10.  20 bamboos from Doung village

Government troops that have been positioning in all the Shan State are always bullying and ordering everything from the villagers what they want, but villagers can’t refuse them, said the locals.

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