A remained bomb kills boys

Two young boys died and one has survived in an explosion cause by hitting a remained bomb with their tops, on July 7, Wan Mai Sar Zhe village- Kantuluang area, Mawkmai township.

The two passed away were 9 years old, and the survivor are 12 years old and they are from Pa’O ethnic parents.

Their names are;

1.      Sai Sarn, age 9, son of Lung Wing Luang and Pa Htun,

2.      Sai Kyaw, age 9, son of Lung Wing On and Pa Htee La,

3.      Sai Sor, age 12, son of Lung Mart and Pa Bar Aung.

This remained bomb had stayed unexploded and it was dropped on the west of the village by Burmese Armyduring a battle in 2005.

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