Government troops ransack villager homes

After the battle between SSPP/SSA and government army happened on 7 May 2016 in Pyon Kyoun village in Kyaukmae Township, government army divided their troops and ransacked the homes of villagers and took properties in other villages too.

Name lists of villagers who lost their properties;

(1)Loun Goin Mor lost – a solar cell, a battery and one bowl (all cost about 55000kyats)

(2)Nang Hla Aung lost – a pair of TV set (cost 350000kyats)

(3)Loun Da + Naing Zing lost – a pair of earings, a necklace and a ring (all cost 650000Kyats)

(4)Nang Thein lost – foodstuff and snack (cost 150000kyats) 

They didn’t know the brigade number of government army who took and ransacked villagers homes in Nar Phoin village, Noun Simm bloc, said the locals.






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