A grandfather gets wounded on the way to his farm

Due to the battle of government army and SSPP/SSA in the area of Mong Hsu Township, thousands of villagers have run away from their villages and got injures too.

On 26 October, in the evening at 2:00 pm, a 60 year-old grandfather (Loun Boy) left from home to his farm. On the way to the farm, the old man was hit by the shrapnel of artillery that soldiers of government army were shooting and he got wounded in his right hand.

Many villagers lost their homes and belongings, a lot of innocent villagers got wounded and died too, and it is the time for villagers to harvest their crops in their field and farm, but they couldn’t do it because of the battle.

One man said to our local reporters “government army don’t want to hold the coming 2015 election, juding by the explosion at Lai hka Township and Taunggyi Township, and their troops are attacking SSPP/SSA”


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