Burmese Brigade’ self-bombing, but pretend to suspect villagers

Burmese brigade 567/568 (Ka Ma Ya) Kotkhai-Nam Zha Larb, under the command of Eastern Regional Military Command, had exploded a bomb and fire their gun at Gon Gauk village, Senwi Township on 5 April, reported our correspondent.

Before started bombing, they informed Wan Watt Phai Kham village’s abbot not to be afraid or alarmed.

After Burmese soldiers drove off that village, they carried out their plan by dropping the bomb over the truck and fired their guns the sky. It caused fear for surrounding villages in Gon Gauk area.

As the second step of their shceme, the brigades with 20 of their soldiers had interrogated the villages, especially the village heads about who were the attackers on 6 April.

In addition the head villages and locals of that area had been threatened and forced to take responsibility for the explosion. If not, their villages could be burned down to ashes; villagers told our reporter.

The reinforcements have been increased by the Burmese Government  since the fighting on 22 February, and more arms, foods and soldiers, which were 6 trucks in total had been sentto Lauk Kai battlefield on 5 April.

Further supports had been seen on 2-3 April, when 12 military trucks which carried soldiers had passed through Senwi from Lashio.




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