Officer and troops of government army step on their own landmine

Last December 21, 2014, the deputy battalion commander from LIB-332 under the control of brigade -17 Murngpan Township, Major Kyaw Saw Lin led one column of troops and went and served the duty of security for road constructors in Nounlom village to Banbi village in Murngpan Township and stepped on the landmine at Munn-bridge in the morning at 10:30am. One officer and three troops got seriously injured and now they sent them to be cured at the Hospital of Namsan Township.

One local said “this may be their own trap-bomb because last 17 December the government army based in Murngpan Township called all of our villagers from three villages such as; Nounlom, Banbi and Nounlain village and told us to take security for the road constructors while they built the roads, but our villagers refused the government and they have served this security duty themselves. They worried and were afraid the ethnic army will give troubles to them while they took security for the road constructors so some of their troops had set a trap-bomb without noticing all of their troops and then these four injured troops had stepped on this trap-bomb.”

After the explosion, Captain from LIB-332 in Murngpan called all the villagers to meet him at the road construction and scolded and warned the villagers if the explosion happened again he would punished all the villagers, including all the children and men. Then troops from Larngkhur Township sent reinforcement to Murngpan Township, about 50 troops, said the locals.



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