RCSS/SSA captures drugs and drug seller

The Internal affairs of RCSS/SSA went into Nammaw Ofa village in Kyaukmae Township according to the information of locals and had captured drugs sellers and eaters.

On 2 Oct 2017 nights time the internal affairs of RCSS/SSA captured a drugs carrier and 3 people of drugs eaters included methamphetamine (WY1707 pills ) and a bottle of heroin.

All of them live in Kyaukmae - Sai Zan Thar was 57 years old, Loun Sam was 61 years old and 14 years old boy Sai Kyaw Leng. And a woman named Pa Su Kyi was 52 years old.

Now all of them were maintained by the troops of RCSS/SSA. An officer said: "will release them when we have given them the pieces of knowledge of drugs already".



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