Combat of RCSS and Myanmar Army

Myanmar soldiers from 577 Light Infantry Battalions under Regional Operation Command (ROC) Headquarters at Taunggyi travel around in the forest meet with RCSS/SSA troops and fought.

The evening of 12 Nov eighty-three soldiers from LIB 577 come from Parn Gurt village passed and searched in the forest and went to Mark Monn village but met with three soldiers of RCSS/SSA in the forest while they are picking vegetables. Soldiers on both sides frighten and shot the guns.

They fought each other about 3 minutes between Mak Monn and Gon Sar villages, a soldier of Myanmar army got injuries then RCSS/SSA retreated from the battlefield.

According to NCA, Myanmar army should inform RCSS if they will enter in the control area of RCSS. But RCSS didn't get any period inform from Myanmar army so there are 22 combats between RCSS and Myanmar army after signed the NCA.

There is one-time combat in 2015, 7 times combat in 2016 and 13 times combat in 2017.





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