Shan State Army capture the camp of TNLA

The troops of RCSS/SSA, who were travelling and activities in the east of Ho Zan in Mung Mor Township met with TNLA at their camp and the battle happened intensely on 15 Oct 2016 from 12:00 am to 13:00pm.

TNLA had over 40 troops in the battle that lasted about one hour, and Shan State Army had captured the camp of them and other weapons too. 3 troops of TNLA got injured seriously including one platoon team leader (Kachin nation), but the causality of Shan State Army was not known yet.

On 16 Oct 2016, morning at 6:30 on the full moon day, while all villagers were preparing donations for offering the temple, the government army fought TNLA forcibly near Par Len village, in Kyaukmae Twonship. The government also used 3 Hart ski helicopters and fired at TNLA, but the damage on both side was not known, said the locals.






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