Battle of government army and TNLA

On 21 June 2016 morning, government brigade LIB 33 and army of TNLA fought each other at Ho Pan village, Mung vill bloc, Nam Kham Township.

A local said “about 300 troops on the side of government and 200 troops on TNLA side clashed with each other this morning and the battle hasn’t finished yet, but the perishing on both sides haven’t been known too.”

He continued, “Now along Doa Zan, Parn Zam, Tong Ba Lo and Ga Long Vong villages there are about 500 troops of government army LIB 77 being active.”

On 20 June night, government troops of LIB 574 arrived at Zai Khoa village and on 21 June morning demanded 2 motorcars of villagers to send their troops to Pan Hok village, Nam Gart bloc, Muse Township.



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