Government army commandeer villagers during battles

SSPP/SSA and government army fought each other in Kyaukmae Township, villagers were commandeered and ordered to follow the column on the side of government army, and a lot of refugees have increased too.

The battle happened at Mai Hoin Lain between Khai Ton Hon and Nong Pain villages in Kyaukmae Township about half an hour, on 16 May 2016. Men in the villages near the battle field were captured by the government troops and forced to follow the column, so many villagers had run away from the villages too.

Starting on 4 May 2016, the battles between SSPP/SSA and government army were happening and government army also used heavy weapons in the battles. So the locals in the villages such as Noun Gom, Hai Koin, Bon Vo, Taw San, Nar Aik Khant, Noun Pain and Parn Thain bloc (all villages are in Kyaukmae Township), about one thousand villagers, had run away from their villages. There were losses on both sides during the battles.






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