KIA and TNLA fight with government army


In the Southern Shan State, government army attacked KIA (Kachin Independence Army) combined with TNLA (Ta’ang National Liberation Army) fiercely near Nam Hin Lin village, Musae Township. 

Last 3rd January 2016, both side had fought two times on that day. First time at 9:00 am they fought each other about 5 miles from Nam Ohm village in a field of sugarcane. Second time, in the afternoon at 13:30 pm, brigade 99 of government army used 2 helicopters in the clash due to the combat speed increasing and many troops of them got injuries, said one local. 

17 troops of government army died in the battle and one was captured by KIA and TNLA. 

The battle continued to 4th January 2016, villagers in that locality didn’t dare to go to their farms and get out from houses due to government army artillery fire everywhere was threatening. 






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