Government army have caputred 8 troops of TNLA

TNLA and government army including militiamen fought each other at the north of Murngvill, about 10 miles from Murngvill, in the morning, 07:00am, of 23 December.

Government army conquered a camp of TNLA with many weapons and food supplies of TNLA. Troops of TNLA wore civilian clothes and ran away from their camp to hide in Panyouk and Zaeguim villages. 

After the battle, government army and militiamen entered Panyouk and Zaeguim villages and saw many cars in the villages. The troops of government shot at the wheels of every car and searched in the village and captured 8 troops, including one officer of TNLA, said one local. 

The local continued, 8 troops that government army had captured were released because of the literature and culture of Ta’ang went and met with the government troops and requested to release them. 

Government troops lost 3 troops in the combat and 16 troops suffered injuries, but any damage on the side of TNLA was not known.

On the other hand, TNLA didn’t release Tai nationals from Murngvill, Hopan and Murngkart that they captured and detained last month. Although the political parties and families of the captured requested to release them, TNLA still replied that they had not done yet. 






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