3 days battles between TNLA and government army


Government troops and TNLA (Ta’ang Nation Liberation Army) fought each other about 3 days in the West of Murngvill bloc, Nam Kham Township in the Northern Shan State, government army used 2 helicopters and attacked during the second day of the combat.

On 15 December 2015, the government troops and troops of TNLA were attacking each other near Hodaft village Mann Doun bloc, from the morning to evening and on that day 2 helicopters were used by the government army. On 14 December, the fighting happened at Painkhan village, Lot Naw bloc in the west of Mungvill too. In that battle, government troops from LIB 130 with 60 troops of militiamen attacked 50 troops of TNLA firstly. 

On 16 December morning from 03:00 am to 07:00am, the battle happened between Panhan and Pankhar villages in the west of Murngvill bloc, Nam Kham Township. 

The combats between TNLA and government army started from the last week of November and are still happening in the month of December, and the reporters can’t confirm the casualties of the battle until now.   

On the other front, the government army also fought with 80 troops of KIA (Kachin Independence Army) and 200 troops of SSPP/SSA (Shan State Progressive Party/ Shan State Army) at Loi Dan village, Murngya bloc, Kutkhai Township, about 2 hours in the evening of 13 December. 





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