N-SSA/SSPP capture many weapons of the enemy and many villagers flee from the battle

During a week long battle of government army and Shan State Army (North) / Shan State Progressive Party, a lot of weapons and belongings of government army had been captured by N-SSA/SSPP, many villagers were looking for a safe place too.

On October 11,2015, government troops marched to Nar bae encampment at Nong Khet of SSPP/SSA and attacked, but couldn’t conquer them and they were encircled by the troops of SSPP/SSA, and a microphone, maps, 15 backpacks, 60mm mortar and many bullets were seized by SSPP/SSA too, at 12:15 to 15:00hrs. There was also a combat between government troops and SSPP/SSA at Nam Mor Kom Noi in Mong Nong Township during 12:25 to 13:50hrs and a troop died in the battle, and one troop of SSPP/SSA got seriously injured.

On the same day, at 15:00hrs, government troops stayed on the main road at Kyion Mork Kao encampment and shot at Gon Mu Loi (in front of SSPP/SSA headquarters) with 120mm mortars 13 times, and only 10 times exploded and other 3 times did not explode, one person in the locality said.

During the week long battle, SSPP/SSA captured over 60 of mortars, guns, microphone, bullet boxes, map use in the army, flag, mobile-phone, soldiers suits, scarfs, blankets, longyi (nether garment worn by Myanmar men and women), trousers and other belongings of government troops. 

Due to the clashes, about 106 Nong Khet villagers moved to Nar bae village and lived there, 145 villagers from Dar Sam bu village and 171 of Gon Neoa villagers went and lived at Hai Par village and 186 of Nam Par Muun villagers went to live at Phark Hee and Zort villages, beside that there were over 608 refugees in Mong Hsu Township, said by the local media.

The officers of SSPP/SSA also tried and contacted MPC (Myanmar Peace Center) general Aung Min and U Thein Zaw, but there was no response.


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