N-SSA/SSPP and government army fight near the headquarters of SSPP

Due to government army continuous reinforcement near the headquarters of Shan State Army (North) / Shan State Progressive Party, the battle happened at 10 miles from the headquarters of SSPP.

On 6 October 2015, from 8:00 to 12:00, government army infantry 17 reinforced more troops to N-SSA/SSPP at Do Yar village and the government army used 82 mm weapons to shoot at the village and the combat started.

And then, in the afternoon the combat happened again from 2:20 pm to 17 pm, because government army firstly attacked the encampment of N-SSA/SSPP (between Nounkirt and Da Sarm Bu). There were 360 troops on the side of government but they didn’t conquer the encampment of N-SSA/SSPP. On the morning of 7 October 2015 government army still fought N-SSA/SSPP with 60 mm/80 mm weapons.

According to, the officer of SSPP (Sai Hla) who spoke to VOA, “depending on the reinforcement of government army to our headquarters, their purpose is, they want us to sign the NCA (Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement) and they will fight us if we don’t agree and sign the NCA”.

N-SSA/SSPP is one the ethnic armies, who still was not certain to sign the NCA, that will be held on the coming 15 October. After N-SSA/SSPP and government army signed a ceasefire last 2012, there were over hundred battles that happened between them and government army conquered 5 camps of SSPP.





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