Due to battle, many villagers leave their properties

Due to the battle of KIA (Kachin Independence Army) and government army on September 17-21, 2015 in Manzay Township, in Kachin State, a lot of people have run away from their homes and belongings.

Villages such as; Hlaingar Zop Kyar, J Zom, Mong Lu and the other villages near Manzay Township were the combat fields, so many natives looked for the secure places and over 200 refugees were hiding at Mongon monastery now.

The clash took place between the government LIB 15, 86 and LIB 12, 27 of KIA, and the tensions go on after KIA infantry 6 captured a sergeant of government army in the locality of PA-AN.

Last Tuesday, 22 September, KIA and government army fought in the locality of Muse Township, Northern Shan State. During this weekend government army set out the battle attacked 3 groups of ethnic armies (TNLA, KIA and RCSS/SSA), and the conflicts are still increasing everywhere in the States.





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