Battle of RCSS/SSA and Government Army

On 7 September 2015, the battle had happened between RCSS/SSA and government army due to 20 troops of government army from LIB (12) led by Major Kyaw Zor looking for troops of RCSS/SSA in the forest. Troops from both side met with each other at the North of Sarm Bu village in the control area of RCSS/SSA, in Mong Bon Township. The battle had lasted over an hour and 7 troops, including one sergeant, of government troops died in the battle.

After government troops retreated from the battle field, RCSS/SSA was sought and captured the property and weapon of government troops in the battle field such as;

(1)    Map use in army
(2)    6 bullet boxes of MA-1 gun
(3)    175 bullets of MA-1
(4)    1 bullet of M-9
(5)    3 mobile-phones
(6)    3 ammunition belts
(7)    a book of diary
(8)    8 backpacks and
(9)    Name lists of government troops with guns.

One local, who doesn’t want to describe his name said to reporters, “on 8 September morning at 7:00 am we heard the gun-shoot a lot of times near the battle field, that may be troops of government shooting and threatening for them to take their troops dead bodies in the battle field easily.”

He continued “in the battle 3 troops of government died and 3 troops got seriously injured and were now sent to be cured at Yadanar clinic in Mong Bon Township”.

One officer from RCSS/SSA said “the battle had happened due to government troops looking for our troops in the forest and shooting. They regarded our RCSS/SSA troops as their enemy and when they met with and saw our troops they always shot first although our troops avoided them, if they didn’t look for our troops in the forest there were no reason for a battle to happen”.




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