Second time battle between RCSS/SSA and Government army

A force of 37 troops of Government army from LIB 152 based at Kholam Township went from Patlark village to the forest in the area of RCSS/SSA’s controll for cleansing the area and met with troops of RCSS/SSA, then the battle happened, on 31 July 2015 at 13:30.

The battle’s place was about 10 miles from Kholam Township, and the battle had happened about 30 minutes before Government troops retreated from the battle area. After government troops retreated, troops of RCSS/SSA checked the place where the battle had happened and knew that 3 troops of government army died in the battle and over 10 troops were injured.

On 1st August, 2015, troops who retreated from the battle on 31st July and another reinforcement troops, all about 70 troops entered the battle field and met troops of RCSS/SSA again and the second time battle happened; one troop from government troops died in that second time battle.

Due to government army troops disobeyed the agreement between RCSS/SSA and their leaders, this time battle had happened. One officer from RCSS/SSA said that “if the government army troops contacted and warned our troops that they would enter our control area before they did as our agreement, the battle would not have happened.” 

There were two times of battle happened at Kholam Township after Restoration Council of the Shan State / Shan State Army and 3 other ethnic army signed the agreement for justly building peace in Myanmar with President Thein Sein, State Peace and Development Council Thura Shwe Mann and other officers from government army on 12 February 2015 (on 68 anniversary of Union Day) at Naypyidaw.    

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