Peace broken by Burmese Army’s vicious attack


SSPP/SSA (Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army) have got a fierce fight from Burmese Government troop on July 21. The fight was started by the government near Wan Nar Gaun village, began from 11:00 am to 17:00 pm.

It was set in the middle of Murngsu and Loi Nai mountain area, in North East Shan State by the map.

SSPP troops had got shot again when they went to check the situation of the battle area at 14:45 pm on July 22.

But, SSPP had formed a guerilla band instantly then marched to Loi Khee for hidden-attack Wo Mountain, could destroy two military trucks and cause some of the Burmese serious injuries and deaths on the same day at 17:30 pm.

Started from that day, Burmese Government have been reinforcing their forces by adding 5 trucks to ILB-150 at Murngsu, a source said they were planning to surround Loi Hseng Moutain.

Both sides are now aiming their guns on each other, and sporadic firing can be heard around those areas.

Murngsu locals said that it was a sudden invasion from the Burmese Army and they felt the peace was suddenly knocked down into pieces like a broken glass.

“We thought that the government was the perpetrator in destroying peace, while all Ethnic Armed Groups were trying to make peace agreement around the country. The government offered their hand first for peace, and also started the fire first. They were tricky and terrorists at the same time.” added the locals to Tai Freedom.


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