Lashio-Muse Highway blocked due to clash


The road from Lashio to Muse have been block for a while by Asia World Construction Co., Ltd as the fighting broke out between Burmese Government Army and Kachin Independent Army (KIA)’s brigade (4), on July 3, northern Shan State, Burma.

Neither Lashio to Kotkhai nor Lashio to Muse roads were allowed to pass, because of the clashes near Wan Nam Gout village, the upper or northern part of Kutkhai Township.

This has caused the transportation even more difficult than ever, where a mass of trucks and cars are now waiting along the high way. The passengers and drivers have spent their nights there said our source.

The drivers said though the authorities let the vehicles pass which were from Muse and Namkham to Lashio, but have not allowed them to return.

On the other hand, the Government troops have been fighting T’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) in the Kyawkme region.

Although the Burmese Government are now reaching hands to Ethnic Armed groups for peace, the reality is that more clashes have been occurring during these days, report the locals to us.

There was also a bombing at 22:00 pm,  at 105 miles-transport gate in Muse, the local Burmese authority blamed that on the KIA but no evidence found yet, over the last two weeks.


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