Burmese army fight with two ethnic armies on the same day


Burmese army fought with two ethnic armies on the same day and at the same town too. Last Tuesday, 30/June/2015 Burmese army fought with KIA (Kachin Independence Army) and TNLA (Ta’ang National Liberation Army) at Kutkhai Township in Northern Shan State.

In the morning of 30/June/2015 due to the Burmese army, brigade (88 and 99) invasion of the control area of KIA brigade 9, the battle had happened in that area in the northern Shan State, one troop from KIA had died in the battle.

On that day too, Burmese troops invaded the area of KIA Brigade 4 and fought again in the evening at 5:00 pm and a lot of troop from Burmese army were seriously injured and one troop had died in that battle, at Khonamkhi between Kutkhai and Namphatgar.

Because of the battle, Burmese troops didn’t allow the villagers to go to their paddy field.

At 14:30 pm to 15:30 pm brigade 876 of TNLA and Burmese army brigade 99 also fought at Loungan and Ngorniner villages in Kutkhai Township on 30/June/2015 too. TNLA troops were safe and on the side of Burmese it was not known clearly, said our reporter.

One local said “from 17/June/2015 to 30/June/2015 the battle happened between TNLA and Burmese army 18 times, the battle would happen heavily because Burmese army still sent “reinforcement to Kutkhai Township.”

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