Roads blocked as battles brake out


Clashes between Burmese Government Military and United Wa State Army (UWSA) occurred in Loi Sarm Zum mountain, between Murngsart and Murngdom townships.

It happened at 19:00 pm on June 12, and both forces had intentionally blocked the highway roads amongst those towns, causing the transportation delay forpeople.

It between more intense between them on June 13, andthe high-way road from Tachileak to Nar Gaung Mu had been blocked. Where Nar Yao was controlled by UWSA, Loi Sarm Zaum was in Burmese Military’s territory.

The locals said that they heard the bomb explosion where the sound would be in the middle of Nar Gung Mu and Murng Jort town, and UWSA strongly ordered the locals to not pass this route for whatever reason.

On the other hand, UWSA were reinforcing 300 soldiers to their front line while there were no sign from the Burmese Army.

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