PNO attacked by Fake Shan soldier

Troopers wore RCSS/SSA suites for pretending as their soldiers and ambushed PNO (Pa-O National Organization) for five minutes long and ran away, at 10:00 am, on 27 April.

It took place in southern Shan State where RCSS/SSA have taken the camp near PNO base.

The 20 troops which are fellows of Second lieutenant Khun Myint Htunn, have been shot by eight Burmese soldiers, when guarding the roads around their camp and one of PNO soldiers got hurt.

Colonel Khur Ngen of SSA confirmed that wasn’t their soldiers committed according to his three days investigations, and theevidence showed that it was of Burmese soldiers’ perpetration.

RCSS/SSA and PNO take that as a set up to cause misinterpretation between two groups.



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