MDNAA attacks Burmese Army at Namting


Burmese brigade 11 and 33 had two-hour clashes with MNDAA (Myanmar National Democratic Army Alliance) on the way to Laukkai at Namting River near Chin Shwe Haw on March 7.

The fighting happened as MDNAA had been waiting to shoot at the 11 trucks of the Government Military which were carring more than 400 Burmese soldiers before getting to Kokang battlefield.

The fierce fighting had continued on March 8 at 13:00 pm with the help of fighter planes from Burmese Armed, while a lot of soldiers of the Burmese Government were falling, and that firing had almost reached to Sino-Burma border and hit some of Chinese houses.

In the fighting, 40 Burmese soldiers died and MDNAA also got plenty hurt.

Another clash too place on the same day between TNLA and Battalion (367) in the area of KIA battalion’s (34) base which were under the command of brigade 4 in northern Shan State at 11:00 pm.


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