Tatmadaw purposely attack SSA-South

 The fighting broke out between Tatmadaw (Burmese Army), column 1 of LIB 333 which is under the control of MOC-14 (Military Operation Command) Murngsart and RCSS-SSA near Murng Bu Long area, Mrungpaeng town and Murngsart – Eastern Shan State, yesterday.

It had happened because of the hostility of Burmese Military, in order to clean the Shan armed force in the forest and a heavy seeking of enemy.

The fighting took place in the forest and was just 5 km from Murng Bu Long area.

One of SSA soldiers was hurt with M-79 and cured. But the dead from the Burmese Armed are still unknown.

There was also a fighting between RCSS/SSA and Burmese Brigade 77 with 40 troops at Kyawkme-Northern Shan State, on July, which and caused First Lieutenant of Burmese dead.


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