Burmese army encircle Shan State Army and fights


On Friday (August 8) Burmese battalion (LIB) 287, with a force of 83, went from Pang Bo village (Pang Bo village is in Southern Shan State, Kaysae township) to the forest and met with Shan State Progressive Party / Shan State Army, and fought each other for 20 minutes.

After 3 hours Burmese battalion 248 reinforced and encircled the SSPP/SSA and fought at Kainhardyort village in Kaysae Township, and the battle lasted 40 minutes. Villagers heard the battle and ran away from their village and searched for a safe place that away from the battle field.

SSPP/SSA had retreated due to Burmese army’s has reinforced to the battle. Now, Burmese soldiers were positioned in all places that battles had happened. On Saturday (August 9), Battalion commander of the Burmese army ordered the villagers from 5 villages to leave their village for about 5 days. In the battle, 3 troops of Burmese got seriously injuried and SSPP/SSA was safe said the locals.

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