Myanmar soldiers demand money form the truck driver

Myanmar soldiers 508th Light Infantry Battalion had prevented the road in Hopong township and demanded money from the truck's driver. One of the truck drivers had given from thirty thousand to fifty thousand (Ks).


A villager was capture and bash by the soldier

On the morning of 22, Jan 2018 soldiers from Battalion 434 of TNLA (Ta'ang Nation Liberation Army) leave Koim Goin to enter Hein Vo village then captured a village headman (Loun Hla Shwe) bash intensively.


3 days continuous battle between RCSS and TNLA in the beginning of 2018

On 18 Jan 2018, while troops of RCSS clear the bomb at the south of Gaitai village around the border Namhsan-Kyaukmae township, Ta Bao Ya led soldiers about 50 meet with RCSS and attacked them.


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