Villagers moan cause of meet with many forcibly

Soldiers of TNLA entered into Loi Aunn village Kyaukmae Township and demanded money, food from villagers. Due to business is in the bad situation and many villagers bewail.

On 30 October, Corporal Aik Yee led 5 soldiers searched the house of Loi Aunn villagers by using the reason of searching the drugs. But didn't find any illegal materials and asked money from the headmen (Loun Kyaw Wa).

And on 31 October 2017, the soldiers asked the headmen of Von Gor and told him to demanded 5000kyats money from one household in his village (there were 60 households in Von Gor village). Soldiers that led by Corporal Aik Yee got 300000kyats from that village.

According to local information, Aik Yee was a drug eater who lived in Loi Sar village Monggon block Kyaukmae Township before he went to be a soldier.  

During September 2017, these soldiers groups were demanded money (720000 kyats) and 7 bags of rice from Loi Aunn villagers too. Villagers had given all the soldiers demanding.






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